Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Safer World?

With the death of Osama bin Laden there is much debate about whether or not the world is a safer place. Some argue that bin Laden's death will help to curb terrorist attacks. Others disagree with the idea that killing bin Laden will mean fewer terrorist attacks.

Read the New York Times article by clicking the link below:

Obama Calls World ‘Safer’ After Pakistan Raid

Then post a brief response to the question above. You may also want to discuss the following questions:

Is the world safer after the killing of Osama bin Laden?
Was the killing of bin Laden justified?
How are German and US responses to terrorism different/similar?

As you are posting your blog comment please make sure that your thoughts are well developed, reasonable, rational, and make frequent references to the New York Times article.


  1. I belive that with Osama Bin Ladens death that the world could be safer but at the same time it could also be worse. It could be worse because the people could take revenge over the killers of Laden. so they could do something because we killed him so you can never really know what is in there minds because of his death.

  2. I would not say the world is safer after Osama's death. But I do feel like there has been closure for those who were effected by 9/11. This is not an end to terrorism but it is the end of a chapter of it. Killing Bin Laden was justified, he was the one who cause the death of many people. It has been 10 long years of trying to find him and Obama finally found him. Obama took many risks by allowing American forces to invade a sovereign nation's air space and attack Osama's compound. I don't know much about the German response to terrorism but the U.S. has taken extreme measures to reduce and prevent future terrorism attacks and terrorist in America.

  3. I feel that since Osama Bin Laden is dead this will bring more terrorist attacks on the U.S. If have killed one of Pakistans civilians, and they will not be happy about that. I think for a while we should be worried about more attacks on the United States. I fully agree with Hillary Rodham Clinton that just because Bin Laden is dead this won't stop the war. The world might seem safer without him but it might not be because we have no idea who he has been talking to recently before his death. Maybe he shared his plans with someone else and they are planning on doing something else. It might not be likely but it is very possible and i would not be surprised if they are more terrorist attacks in the near future.